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The Missing Documentary - Director & Producer

Hasan Oswald is a documentary filmmaker based in New York City. His most recent projects include National Geographic’s Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria & the Rise of ISIS (cameraman) and Higher Love, which covers the heroin epidemic in Camden, New Jersey (director/executive producer). He previously worked for Goldcrest Films NYC as producer, cameraman and editor before leaving to start his own production company. Higher Love, which is in it's last stages of post-production, will be it's debut film.

Currently, Hasan is directing Al Mafqud (The Missing), a documentary about the Yazidi genocide in Northern Iraq.


Storytelling Sisters Creator

The Missing Documentary - Producer

Annelise Mecca is an independent photographer based in New York City. The focus of her photographic work began with travel photography in the US and Europe. It evolved into human rights and migration-centered work as she completed a MSc in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam, and became heavily involved in and inspired by the current refugee crisis. Work and study brought her through Europe and the Middle East, where she captured both the hardship and beauty of displacement, and the aftermath of war.


In partnership with The Lotus Flower, Annelise created the Storytelling Sisters project and exhibition, which is now touring internationally. While in Northern Iraq, she is also producing Al Mafqud (The Missing), a documentary about the Yazidi genocide.


The Missing Documentary -


Fahrinisa Campana is an independent investigative journalist from New York City. She is a graduate of the Columbia Journalism School and was one of four women to receive the inaugural Columbia Global Migration Fellowship in 2016. 

She is currently based in Greece covering stories about gender, migration and human rights in developing countries and post-conflict environments. She is a member of the Returns Network, an independent investigative journalist collective created to address the lack of scrutiny in the E.U. Fahrinisa regularly reports from the US, Europe, Turkey, India, Jordan and Iraq.


The Missing Documentary -


Alexander is a filmmaker and journalist with a background in field producing, writing and editing non-fiction narrative. He’s commissioned for USA Today, The Poughkeepsie Journal, National Geographic, A&E, and associate produced to Nick Quested and Sebastian Junger, on their last two films including their 2017 documentary feature Hell On Earth: The Fall of Syria and Rise of ISIS, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival 2017, and currently their new feature for Nat Geo: This is Mexico (2019).


Alexander and Hasan most recently co-produced their first feature film venture with the documentary film Higher Love, about a young family collectively trying to raise a child born into a household battling heroin and substance abuse at the height of America's Opioid epidemic.


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The Missing Documentary -

Virtual Reality Developer

Joe Mecca is an XR (virtual reality) producer and developer with a background in travel, media and humanitarian productions.  He owns and operates a virtual/augmented reality studio in Brooklyn, New York, that develops programming tools, cross-cultural productions and enterprise software.  


Currently, Joe is producing the XR content of EXI(S)T, an immersive theatre production in NYC from refugee camps, city streets and on the road in Albania, Greece, Turkey, and Iraq.  "XR allow us to Democratize experience, and this project will put the audience in front of people they would otherwise never meet".

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