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In the wake of ISIS’s genocidal campaign across Northern Iraq, over 10,000 Yazidi men, women, and children were either killed or enslaved. Now, three orphaned siblings—themselves victims of ISIS atrocities—lead a team of local rescuers and international investigators in the search for their missing family members, and for justice.


After having survived kidnapping and enslavement by ISIS, three orphaned siblings - Mediha, 16, Ghazwan, 14, and Adnan, 11 - must now attempt to rebuild their lives. Since the Iraqi government struggles to fund rescue missions, seven years after the Yazidi genocide, the siblings must turn to a network of local rescuers in the search for their missing mother, father, and baby brother. 


The story takes place across three locations—Iraq, Turkey, and Syria—highlighting the atrocities of the past and the aftermath that will carry on indefinitely. Meanwhile, Mediha, the eldest sibling, now 16 years old, spearheads one of the only active investigations in Iraq to prosecute ISIS members for the crimes they committed against Yazidis.

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